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60 Day Miracles Kit

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The 7 Step Process


“You’ll be interested to know that the universal law that created miracles hasn’t been repealed. When you know and feel the miracle that you are, you become certain that nothing is impossible.”


~ Wayne Dyer


In recent trends a succession of books on manifestation and the law of attraction have been published by people with the intension of showing anyone how to live a happier and more abundant life. It occurred to me that all of the books had a missing chapter. A chapter that outlined how to actually manifest things. I mean, sure, people would manifest some things they desired, but the big stuff, the stuff that means they live a happy, prosperous and healthy lives, that chapter seemed to be missing.


So here it is… the missing chapter. It’s not actually a chapter, it’s a complete 60 day process. A process that helps you do your work and unlock your hidden truths, to help you on a journey of self-realisation and real change.


I wanted to create something amazing! Something that helped people to find true, lasting happiness, wealth and good health. I wanted to create miracles..... 


I went where I always go for answers, to spirit. I was delighted to find 2 familiar faces and voices that had studied manifestation and the law of attraction. The 7 step process was given to me one Sunday afternoon and I knew it was the start of a deeper investigation. I continued to sit and ask questions and what follows is one such conversation with spirit where I asked spirit for more information on the 7 step process.


Two new spirit guides came in to help me create the seven-step process, 60 days to creating miracles. These spirit guides were known to me as some of the best knowledge on manifestation and the law of attraction. I was grateful and privileged to be able to have this conversation with them and they were able to guide me into the seven-step process and gave me the meditations that help to change your mindset and step fully into the seven-step process enabling you to create any life you desire.


The following conversation was my question-and-answer session with these guides I hope you enjoy reading the words of spirit.


1. Can you explain how God sees karma?

God doesn't see, because God is the cause and the effect all rolled into one. God only sees creation and light, God is only creation and light. You create in your experiences as God creates with feeling and thought. At the physical level karma is simply expressed by your thoughts.


2. So if a person does a bad deed there is no retribution for this?

Retribution is a state of self-bondage. A person may or may not create an experience equal to their good or bad deed, but it is through the mind and in the physical. When the veil is lifted all is love and all is light.


3. If this physical world is an illusion, then why does it feel so real and why are we here?

It is as real as the mind makes it. If you choose to exist in a multi-dimensional experience, then you will experience multi dimensions. If you choose only to reside in the physical that is all you will experience. You are not limited to the physical.


4. if poverty, illness and death is not real and just a manmade concept, how do we deal with those people who are suffering or experiencing this pain and sadness?

You see all people as God sees them. As one. You give to others as you give to yourself. Give love, compassion and hope but do not allow yourself to become the victim with them. Allow your abundance to flow because all abundance is for all people. All is oneness. Work from the inside out and abundance will flow into the perception of others.


5. Is evil real in the physical? Are demons or evil spirits real?

Everything is created by the mind in the illusion. Outside of the illusion is only God. Evil and demons reside in the mind. Thus remove this thinking from the mind and it has no physical substance.


6. Do you have any advice for manifestation?

Rid your mind of all darkness, all doubt, all limitation and all lack. Understand how you create. That you create every day whether consciously or unconsciously, this is your nature. Your nature is love. All else is an illusion. Take it back to basics, see yourself as a newborn baby and undo all the negative beliefs, programming or visions and start to create purely from love. In this case, nothing dark can manifest

So here it is…

.........the missing chapter. It’s not actually a chapter, it’s a complete 60 day process. A process that helps you do your work and unlock your hidden truths, to help you on a journey of self-realisation and real change.


This process is designed to help you get the most of out the unique 7 Step Process to manifesting miracles. It outlines the seven steps that were channel to me from my spirit guides.


I asked spirit if there was a simple process to manifestation. This was their reply….. hold on to your seat, your life is about to change.


The kit contains:



  • The Workbook

  • Instruction Manual

  • EFT Script

  • 4 Meditations to change your life



NORMALLY £299.00

NOW ONLY £99.00

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