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Books & Card Decks
by Beverley Anne Freeman 

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“Growing up in Bolton was full of fun and laughter yet raw and gusty in its northern, rustic charm. Bolton is colourful with a real mix of races, classes and ideals. It gave me a base I am most proud of; a Lancashire town which was originally built on textile mills and coal mining, all held together with a strong cup of tea and a good homemade pasty.”

Perspectives is an autobiography about a girl growing up in Bolton, experiencing sexual abuse, rape and self-sabotage until a near-death experience changes her life. Its a journey of spiritual awakening which led to her fifteen career as a psychic, medium and spiritual life coach.

A self-help book with grit, northern humour and deep philosophical wisdom to help you change your perspectives on life, love and the universe. This is the story of a broken child, a dysfunctional young girl and a spiritual woman.


Available on Amazon Worldwide

Paperback £9.99

Kindle £6.99

So what's it about? 

Once upon a time, there was a lady with a sack, where it came from nobody knew and why she had it nobody could tell .... Anyone reading this book will soon begin to recognize their own story and identify with the main character in this book. Fun illustrations tell the all too familiar story of those of us who carry around baggage and get weighted down by the past ... only to discover that if they lighten their load happiness will soon prevail. Told with humorous and quirky illustrations and a down to earth approach to self-help.


***Available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback worldwide

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Are you passionate about using your psychic and mediumistic gifts to help others? Perhaps you are a blessed healer or lightworker? Would you like to earn a living doing what you love and using your divine talents? Read on....Beverley Anne Freeman has been a successful psychic, medium, healer and life coach for over 15 years, developing both high street and online businesses. She has met countless individuals who have been passionate, gifted and highly skilled in the field of holistic healing and intuitive guidance counselling. 


Many of these individuals have all the love and will in the world to give but have been absolutely clueless about to set up and run a successful business in this arena. 


Whether you wish to offer psychic readings, healing treatments or life coaching; from home, on the high street or online, this practical guide will give you all the tools you require to create a successful business. From setting up, web design, marketing, legal guidance, insurance, customer care and creating the right space. As well as tools for making sure your business excels in your current marketplace.

***Available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback worldwide

Serenity Cards

By Beverley Anne Freeman



These cards should be read from the heart, which means there are no meanings given to the cards. Start by doing a light meditation to connect with your guides.  Take each card, one by one and focus on it, feeling and thinking about the image on the card, think about what the card means to you.  The meaning of the card should come from your heart and soul.


As you learn to work with the cards, you will find that they develop a language that only you will understand, a language that you develop together as a team. These cards speak to the mystic with wisdom and serenity.



Cost £22.00 per pack plus £2.00 delivery.

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