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Events and Workshops

I hold a range of events throughout the year both online via zoom and in my beautiful Nantwich premises. 

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Zoom International Psychic Circle 

Every Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm

Join as and when you like for £15.00 per week or 

book 4 - 8 weeks in advance for £10.00 per session. 

The group will be led by my protégé and colleague, Dorcas Long, whilst I am travelling in January & February 2023. I am sure she will be fantastic and I will be back in March 2023. 

February Dates & Topics

2nd February -  Pure mediumship, taking it back to basics and connecting with spirit. 

9th February -  Interpreting dreams as messages from the spirit world.
16th February -  Listening to your intuition and working with psychic predictions.
23rd February - Learn about the galactic star family principles & practices.

March Dates & Topics

2nd March - Psychic Astrology, using astrology in your readings

9th March - Astral Projection & Remote Viewing

16Th March - Readings & Mediumship for connection with deceased animals

23rd March - Pushing your mediumistic boundaries to reach your potential

April Dates & Topics

30th March - Polishing your delivery in readings

13th April - Psychic Science - understanding the science behind psychic perception & mediumship

20th April - Psychic numbers - how numbers can massively impact our psychic awareness & readings

27th April Predicting your own life -using your intuition to make important decisions. 


Book For February £40.00

Book March £40.00

Book April £40.00

Book February, March & April £120.00

Book 1 week £15.00






Re-train Your Brian Zoom Workshop

Wednesday 15th March 7-9pm Tickets £12

The brain is the most important organ in the body, it controls everything! In this fascinating 2 hour workshop I will take you through: 

- some of the brain's main areas and functions. 

- What happens to us when these areas become damaged by trauma, injury or substance abuse.

- How brain function plays an important part in PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADD & ADHD, Bipolar and other personality disorders.

- How we can use simple techniques at home to heal using the latest neuroplasticity research. 

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