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The Healing Revolution Course

Science is evolving, and particularly in the areas of neuroscience and epigenetics. When we mix this new science with spirituality, we create an unbeatable formula. Learn revolutionary new ways of healing in my brand new one-to-one training course for all levels and capacities. Whether you are already a therapist working with clients or whether you want to improve your knowledge for your own well-being, this course will be both informative and useful.

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This 6-week course can be completed online or in person in Nantwich, Cheshire.


  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – traditional & spiritual healing.

  2. Trauma Healing –The Process Connecting Technique - learn the revolutionary spiritually-based technique to heal trauma.

  3. Epigenetics – how our ancestors have shaped our gene expression and how we can prevent trauma from being passed on to our children. How to inhibit a trauma gene from developing to prevent illness and mental imbalance.

  4. Neuroscience – what is it and how it can help?

  5. Neuroplasticity – how we can create new neurons by using simple techniques to heal trauma.

  6. Brain supplements – How to use herbal supplements to treat brain conditions such as anxiety, PTDS, ADHA & ASD.

Total Price £360.00 (2 or more people £450.00 split the cost)

​Pay by instalments of £120 in Week 1, Week 3 & Week 5

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