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Hypnotherapy & EFT

Both hypnotherapy and EFT are safe and effective methods of reprogramming your subconscious mind into new, more positive habits. Everyone responds differently and I may prescribe a mix of the 2 treatments or advise which I think will be the most effective for you. With both processes, we can heal fears, addictions and phobias as well as bring more wealth, abundance and happiness into your life. Contact me for a FREE consultation so that we can decide the best course for you. 


Online Hypnosis is safe and effective for all the family. You can do it lying on your bed with earphones and relax in your home or office, whilst listening to my voice. 

Beverley Anne Freeman is a Master Hypnotherapist & Regression Therapist, qualifications include: 


AMAP Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

CTAA Advanced Past Life Regression Practitioner Diploma

Past life regression therapist with Dr Brian Weiss (

CTAA Master Hypnotherapist Certification 

CTAA Life Between Life Regression Certification

Dan Jones Rapid Hypnotic Induction Certification

Popular Hypnosis includes: 

  • Weight Loss

  • Gastric Band

  • Motivation to Exercise

  • Drink Less Alcohol

  • Stop Smoking

  • Stop Cannabis Addiction

  • Online Shopping Addictions

  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety

  • Insomnia Cure

For Children & Young Adults

  • Motivation

  • Pass Exams

  • Release Stress & Anxiety

  • Relaxation


Initial Consultation with Hypnosis 

(2 hours) plus 2 further sessions package £245.00 by Phone/WhatsApp 

Face to Face in Nantwich £295.00 (initial consultation plus 2 further sessions)


What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces the stress that underlies many diseases. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies. Often in therapy, we talk for years but some things won’t shift. Trauma, blocks and beliefs are hard to release. EFT is fantastic for this and works quickly.

It works on a variety of health issues, psychological problems, and performance issues, even those that have been resistant to other methods. Therapy with EFT is extremely powerful helping to release traumas and phobias. It works well to change negative patterns and is a very gentle way to help relieve anxiety, depression and fear. 

Where EFT originates

The technique can be traced back to a 5,000-year-old healing tradition and has been described as a psychological form of acupuncture. This has its roots in ancient Chinese Medicine and the modern-day system of Applied Kinesiology. Psychologist Roger Callahan developed TFT – Thought Field Therapy, Gary Craig trained with Roger Callahan who brought EFT to the World.

Sessions and what to expect

The Practitioner will tap or guide the client to tap the ends of the meridian points, mainly around the head area whilst the client remains seated tuning into the problem. Issues and aspects are gently released from the body’s energy system.

I work with you in person, online or on the phone to help you change your life and reach your goals. I combine powerful, transformative techniques for deep, long-lasting change. EFT can be amazingly effective, quick, gentle and long-lasting.

Effective for: 

  • Weight-loss

  • Addictions

  • Smoking & Vaping

  • Fears

  • Confidence

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Phobias (such as fear of flying)

  • Pain Management

  • Long Covid


Online or Face-to-face Session plus consultation approximately 2 hours long £165.00

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