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Kit and Caboodle

Wellness starts in the mind and is closely followed by our bodies. This is nothing new and most of us appreciate that if we can get into the correct mindset, we can eat well, exercise and give ourselves the life we deserve.


The internet is full of advice and social media is constantly trying to sell us health and wellness products, apps, supplements and exercise routines. It's convoluted, to say the least.


I called this new innovation “Kit and Caboodle” - why? Because it encompasses the whole 360 of wellness, incorporating:


  • Neuroscience

  • Mindset Control

  • Accessory Muscle Exercises

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Targeted Nutrition & Supplementation

Fitness Ladies



Your Brain governs everything and especially your well-being. You will receive an assessment to determine your brain type, how you process information, and your overall health and lifestyle. This will help us put together your individual tailored plan.

Mindset Control


All change starts in the mind. To implement real change we need to target your subconscious mind and get you programmes towards real health and success. This will help you get focused and motivated to change your nutrition and exercise regime. You will be assigned a number of hypnosis and meditation tracks to help you succeed with full instructions on how to use them to get your very best results.

Accessory Muscle Exercises


This revolutionary exercise programme challenges and heals the body as you have never known before. You can use simple household items like a chair and some food tins or small weights and a yoga mat. This is a simple exercise routine that will work all the tiny accessory muscles in the body to develop long lean lines and a supple body with enough cardio to work up a sweat. You will receive a selection of videos to work from.



Using these simple movements and challenging yourself every day to learn different moves will allow your brain to create new neural pathways. As you learn to build new neural pathways, your brain is able to connect and strengthen more neurons, which brings about improved brain health. This can enhance your memory and focus, and it can keep you mentally sharper as you age.

Targeted Nutrition & Supplementation


Based on your brain type and brain health, as well as, preferences and lifestyle choices you will be given a personal nutrition plan. It will be easier to stick to because of the hypnosis and meditations you will receive, helping you to make better food choices. You will also be given personalised vitamin supplement recommendations based on your brain function. Better nutrition can heal and repair anxiety, depression, and ADHA, to name a few issues that could be affecting you.

Sign up today and get your starter kit right away with the whole caboodle to follow after your assessment. Feel great and get energy and health with a plan that is made for you.

You will get online support along the way & a 3-month review.


What is the investment?

All this life-changing stuff Normally £495.00 OFFER PRICE £295.00

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