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Payday Deals

Get February Payday Deals Here!

1 HOUR ONLINE READING £49.00 (Normally £60.00)

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There are countless ways emotion shows up in our lives, these emotions can be a result of trauma, unidentified pathology, karmic carriage and ancestry. My first step is to identify the source of issues which are often multi-layered. Once identified, I conduct deep soul-healing sessions to peel back the layers of conditioning.

I recommend booking blocks of 10 sessions

10-session offer £395.00 (Normally £495.00 - Save £100)

Personal One To One Training

Learn one-to-one via Zoom video or face-to-face in Nantwich with personal tuition from Beverley Anne Freeman. Courses are certified by the PSB and certificates are provided with each course. 

There are 14 courses to choose from and the payday deal allows you to save 20% on all courses when you sign up today. Simply add your chosen course to your cat and then use Code: Payday20 at checkout. 

More Payday deals....

3 Sessions of Hypnosis online Normally £245.00 Offer £175.00

3 Sessions of Hypnosis in Person Normally £295.00 Offer £185.00

10 Sessions of Psychic or Spiritual Development Normally£495.00 Offer £395.00

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