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A Thought For The New Year

Everything begins with a thought. Thomas Edison had a thought to make candle without fire, Henry Ford had a thought to make a horseless cart and Steven jobs had a thought to make a mobile device that was smart. If Thomas Edison hadn’t had his light bulb moment, history would have been different, but more importantly if Thomas Edison hadn’t believed in his thought and followed his idea through, his thought would have merely slipped away. Our entire history would be filled with a different inventor and his life would have taken an alternative route. He died in 1931 worth $170 million.

How many inspirational thoughts do you have each day? Ideas that could go somewhere if only they were believed and then followed through with action? Thoughts are the most powerful thing in the world. So let us reflect on the thoughts we have today, yesterday and tomorrow. Decipher which thoughts need belief and action. When you do this you can create change in your life. Your thoughts will shape your future, what do you want 2023 to look like?

As we move into 2023, let this be a time of positive change, excitement and goal-setting. Let the haunting requiem of 2022 go, leaving anything dark in the past. 2022 has seen war and poverty come to the forefront of our TV screens and social media. What we surround ourselves with is just as important as that which we give out. Sticking to Thomas Edison, think about input vs output. Imagine that what we feed our brains with is the electricity that feeds the light bulb and the output is the light emitted. The amount of light that shines is equal to the wattage that is fed into it. If you feed your brain, soul and body with nutrients, you will shine your brightest light. Your output will be love, happiness, wealth and perfect health.

Feed your brain with quality information, stop watching the news, turn off the radio when negative conversations are had and read information that inspires you to grow. Listen to audios that study self-development, positive thinking and wealth mentality. Move your body and break a sweat every day. Feed your body with clean, quality food, using the best ingredients you can find. Cleanse your soul daily with meditation, prayer and gratitude.

If you can be in a state of inspiration, you will be ‘in-your-spirit’. When we are in alignment with our spirit or soul we are at our most creative. We can and do create every experience we have through the process of our thoughts and beliefs. Our perspectives and our reactions to life count. Anger, fear and stress are (for some) automatic responses but they are extremely damaging to our creative process. Remember what we input is equal to our output. The more love and peace you surround yourself with, you more love and peace you create.

Use the beginning of the year to cleanse your life. Rid yourself of negative people, places and situations. Examine your thoughts and reactions to things around you. Implement some soul-feeding practices and then set goals. Set goals that are way beyond your expectations and then believe you are the best at what you do. If you are enjoying a job, process or project then you are in ‘your spirit’, this is linked to purpose. Your purpose on earth is to be joyful, healthy, happy and creative.

Aim high, and achieve everything! Happy 2023, love from Beverley at Khuba Health

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