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Khuba Health Services For 360 Degree Healthcare - Mind, Body & Soul

Welcome to Khuba Health, a one-stop shop for all your well-being needs. Here you can find out about and book a range of services for the mind, body & soul. These services are briefly listed below but you can find out more about all my products and services on their individual pages. I also offer packages I can assemble for you following a consultation for health, healing and well-being.

For More Information CALL/TEXT/WhatsApp +44 7492 367895

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Beverley Anne Freeman

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In recent trends, a succession of books on manifestation and the law of attraction have been published by people with the intention of showing anyone how to live a happier and more abundant life. It occurred to me that all of the books had a missing chapter. A chapter that outlined how to actually manifest things. I mean, sure, people would manifest some things they desired, but the big stuff, the stuff that means they live a happy, prosperous and healthy life, that chapter seemed to be missing.


So here it is… the missing chapter. It’s not actually a chapter, it’s a complete 60-day process. A process that helps you do your work and unlock your hidden truths, to help you on a journey of self-realisation and real change. Find Out More.......

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Amen University - Brain Health Professional Certification - Currently Studying

PhD. Metaphysical Science

Professional Life Coaching & Counselling Diploma 

Advanced Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

AMAP Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

CTAA Advanced Past Life Regression Practitioner Diploma

CTAA Crystal Therapy Diploma

CTAA Master Hypnotherapist Certification 

CTAA Life Between Life Regression Certification

Neuroplasticity Diploma with Gregory Caremans

Past life regression therapist with Dr Brian Weiss

Personal Training Level 3 Diploma (Distinction)

Nutrition Adviser CPD Accredited Levels 4 & 5 

Reiki Master

Online Marketing Diploma

Kundalini Yoga: Deep Meditation & Relaxation Diploma

CTAA EFT & TFT Practitioner Certification 

Feng Shui for Health & Spiritual Practitioners Diploma

Dan Jones Rapid Hypnotic Induction Certification

EMDR Practitioner Certification  

Yoga Instructor Dipolma

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