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Events & Workshops

I hold a range of events throughout the year both online via zoom and in my beautiful Nantwich premises. 

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Everyone is welcome at my workshops and I will work with all levels whatever the subject matter. You can always rely on a warm welcome and an environment that is fun, yet fully focused on learning. Some of our events include food and drinks, workbooks and tools, so please check when booking  See our list of current workshops below and sign up to be notified of new events.  

Forthcoming Workshops

8th June - Trusting Your Psychic Senses 

11am to 4pm £39.00

Do you feel innately intuitive and at times perfectly predict the outcome of a situation? And yet do you still fail to trust your instincts? In this workshop, we will have a fun day using various psychic tools and techniques to help you trust your instincts. Beverley Anne Freeman has been teaching for 20 years and has found that the main thing that holds people back is that they often don't trust in their skills and abilities.


In this workshop, we will tackle that element and take you into a place of trust and confidence in using your psychic skills. Come along, learn something new and meet some like-minded individuals. Perfect for all levels.

fun workshop with 10 adults in beautiful room_edited_edited.jpg

9th November - Supporting Your Mediumship Workshop

11 am to 4 pm £39.00

In this mediumship course, we will look at connecting to spirit on a deeper level so that you may have an understanding of your guides and how to connect to loved ones in spirit.


We will cover many aspects of mediumship and spirit communication in a fun workshop with wisdom and philosophy from great spiritual and earthly teachers.


Regardless of what level you are with your mediumship pavilion freeman will be able to push you to the next level. You could be a complete beginner all have been developing for a while and wish to push your mediumship forward. This workshop guides and supports you in whichever direction you wish to take in your spiritual communication. During the day you will be given several different exercises and practises that you can take home and continue to work with as you desire. This should be a great day where you can connect and meet like-minded individuals.

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