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Holistic Brain Health Course

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind??

  • You want to understand mental health conditions, causes, symptoms and more

  • The Why Question, "Why me or why is this happening to them?"

  • What treatment is going to work

  • Do you wish to advance healing in your current business?

Does this sound familiar?  Many people who struggle are only offered counselling and pharmaceutical drugs to help. That's why we created this course. It's to show you that there is help for you or a loved one or your clients, no matter what is happening. Change your brain now and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner


This is the best gift you can give, because with a healthy brain always comes a better life. The course will give you the content, techniques, and tools for teaching brain health to those you love and serve.

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This 10-week course can be completed online or in person in Nantwich, Cheshire.



1.     Introduction to basic areas (prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulate, temporal lobe, basil ganglia) with questionnaires and how to calculate results.

​2.     ADD/ADHD – the 7 different types and how to treat them (pre-frontal cortex).

3.     OCD and how to treat it (anterior cingulate).

4.     Depression – 7 different depressed brain types and how to treat them.

5.     Female brain health – how to treat PMS, Post Natal Depression, Perimenopause & Menopause. Female brain questionnaire and results breakdown.

6.     Ring of Fire Brain & treatment.

7.     Memory loss - treating early onset Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Normal Pressure hydrocephalus, Vascular dementia, Pseudodementia and Frontotemporal dementia. How to create a 'memory rescue program' for your client.

8.     Keeping a healthy brain healthy, the effects of smoking, alcohol, excess weight, drugs and a bad diet.

9.     Personality disorders & treatment.

10.  6 Different types of addicts and how to treat each type to get the most effective results.


What's included? 

  • 10 one-to-one sessions with a certified Brain Health Professional (trained with Amen Clinics) 

  • Comprehensive workbook

  • Certificate of Completeion

  • Questionnaires & resources for clients



10-week course £595.00

Total Price £595.00 (2 or more people £695.00 split the cost) 

​Pay by instalments of £199 in Week 1, Week 4 & Week 8

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