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Healing  Treatments

I offer a full range of healing therapies for pain, emotional problems and illness. I offer these alongside highly accurate medical intuitive skills.

Remember prevention is better than cure, so please have regular treatments to flush toxins from your mind, body & soul to prevent illness. Whether you are suffering emotionally or physically it's best to book a session and get assessed so I can work out the best way to help you return to optimum health. 

Healing Therapies


Prevention Is Better Than Cure - Health Booster Session £65.00

Why wait until something goes wrong in the body? I encourage everyone to invest in their health before they encounter illness. It may be helpful to have regular sessions once a month to maintain good health in the mind and body.

1 Hour Healing Session £65.00

5 Sessions £270.00

10 Sessions £495.00


Healing Sessions for Pain or Illness  £ 100.00 and can last 2 hours

Immune Booster Session £65.00 1 hour (recommended  weekly)

Health Blaster Session with Chakra Cleanse  £65.00 1 hour (recommended once per month)

All sessions can be remote via Zoom or WhatsApp or in person at Khuba Health Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire.

Please note sessions can not be swapped for readings, unused sessions expire after 12 months.

Not Sure Which Treatment You Need? 

Get in touch and let me decide for you. Call me on Tel/WhatsApp +44 7492 367895

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