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EFT/TNT Practitioner Course

Learn Neurolinguistic Programming & Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique

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Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Feel Therapy (EFT & TFT) Practitioner (PSB Certification) 


6 Week Course with Full PDF Workbook included

Both TFT and EFT are empirically validated treatments for the reduction of distress, anxiety and trauma, although EFT is perhaps a little better known and used more widely. 

TFT was the original technique, developed by Roger Callahan PhD in 1981. EFT was developed in the 1990s by one of his students, Gary Craig, to simplify the process. Gary also brought his training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the table, introducing “healing scripts” that could be incorporated while tapping on the points. 

The main difference between the two techniques today is that TFT tailors the tapping points and their sequence depending on the specific emotions the client is experiencing at the moment. EFT, meanwhile, uses the same points and the same sequence every time, sometimes with additional healing scripts that are introduced by the facilitator and repeated by the client. 

In this course, you will learn: 

·        Learn about the fascinating subject of EFT and TFT tapping therapies and how to use them as a Practitioner.  

·        Assist others in getting rid of negative and disempowering emotions. 

·        Learn how and why EFT and TFT Tapping work. 

·        Taping can help people reduce and eliminate pain in themselves and others. 

·        Energy Tapping 


Total Price £360.00 (2 or more people £450.00 split the cost)

​Pay by instalments of £120 in Week 1, Week 3 & Week 5

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