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Animal Healer & Communication Course

If you love animals, you will love this course. This course is designed for those who wish to set up their own business as a holistic animal healer. Its also a fantastic course for animal trainers, vets and those who just want to care for their pets at home.  The course teaches you how to communicate with animals, speak to deceased animals and includes a variety of animal healing techniques including Reiki 1 & 2 For Animals

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Animal Communication & Healing


1.     Introduction to Animal Communication

2.     Communicate with any animal in person.

3.     Communicate with animals in spirit, what happens when an animal passes and reincarnation.

4.     Talk to animals about behaviour issues.

5.     Reiki healing with animals level 1

6.     Reiki healing using symbols level 2 (practitioner level; with attunements)

7.     Reiki healing - distance, pregnancy, birth & timelines

8.     Spiritual healing on animals

9.     Using Crystals for animal healing

10.  Natural remedies for animals

11.  Spirit Animal Guides - how to meet your animal spirit guide.



·        Worksheet PDFs

·        Training Manual

·        Audio Files & Meditation

·        Printed Certification posted out to you.

11 Week Course via zoom video £595.00 (split the cost with 4—6 people £799.00)


Instalment Plan £150 on week 1, week 4 & week 8 

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