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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

Become a competent, qualified hypnotherapist and add this to your current practice or start a new career! 

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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

12 Weeks via Zoom

Total Cost £690.00 (2—6 people split the cost £999.00) 

Instalments 3 weeks x £240.00 (week 1, week 4 & week 8) £720 in total

Includes, PDF's, Training material & hard copy certificates 


With this hypnotherapy practitioner training course, you will learn to implement a broad range of integrative methods to practice this valuable healing art in a way that will support people in their physical, psychological, and emotional development.

In hypnotherapy, the emphasis is placed on exploring people's altered states of awareness and how these affect the individual's behaviour, perceptions, emotional well-being and thought processes. In other words, human beings can take responsibility for influencing their focus - which can have a significant influence on the quality of their lives.

This course aims to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of hypnotherapy, which is composed of several essential aspects. Upon successful completion of this training, you will be capable of evaluating a client's circumstances and determining the most appropriate way to support them in achieving their objectives.

During hypnosis (or hypnotherapy), the subconscious mind is guided to become relaxed, yet alert and attentive. Our goal in creating this eLearning course is to provide cutting-edge Hypnotherapy Practitioner training to equip you for extensive personal and professional development. You will understand hypnotherapy as a philosophy that aids personal growth.

Regardless of whether you are an aspiring professional hoping to pursue a hypnotherapy career or an established practitioner who wishes to increase the effectiveness of their existing practice, this comprehensive hypnotherapy practitioner course will add to your portfolio of training experiences that you will be able to draw on for many years to come.


Section 1: The Fundamentals and History of Hypnotherapy

Section 2: Consultation with clients

Section 3: The Hypnotic Induction Process and Methods

Section 4: Essential Hypno-Therapeutic Communication Skill

section 5: Hypnotherapy Change Work Principles and Methods

Section 6: Hypnotherapy in Action: The Demonstrations 

Section 7: Indirect Induction and Use of Metaphoric Storytelling

Section 8: Scripts and Processes


1.     Anxiety & trauma release hypnosis

2.     Weight loss hypnosis

3.     Gastric Band 

4.     Stop Smoking

5.     Formulating scripts for fears, phobias & conditions. 


Add on Modules at £60.00 per session: 

Past Life Regression Therapy x 2 Sessions 

Age Regression & DNA Pathology x 2 Sessions

Life Between Life Regression Therapy x 2 Sessions

Total £240.00

Beverley Anne Freeman

Master Hypnotherapist CTAA & The British Psychology Association 

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