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Professional Psychology For Coaches & Therapists

This course is for coaches and therapists who work with clients on a one-to-one basis and in groups and would like to expand their knowledge in psychological application. It will help with life coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT practitioners and therapists who wish to gain a deeper understanding of their client's minds and processes.

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What you will learn:

You will learn 16 different types of psychology theories and how to apply them in your practice as well as studying 3 renowned psychosocial approaches.

What's Included: 

  • Weekly sessions covering all 19 modules taught one-to-one via Zoom video with Beverley Anne Freeman. 

  • PDF's & Worksheets

  • Certificate of Completion on email free of charge, hardcopies £8.00 extra certified by the Holistic Therapist Standards Bureau.

Course Contents: 

1.     Alfred Adler's theories in psychology

2.      Carl Jung's theories in psychology 

3.      Sigmund Freud's theories in psychology

4.      Behaviourism

1.      Biological theories

2.      Humanistic theories

3.      Attachment theory

4.      Cognitive development

5.      Psychoanalysis

6.      Psychodynamic

7.      Social learning theory

8.      Hierarchy of needs

9.      Evolutionary

10.   Attribution theory

11.   Developmental theories

12.   Moral development

13.   Triangular theory of love

14.   Operant conditioning

15.   Psychosocial

16.   Classical conditioning

17.   Cognitive theories

18.   Cognitive dissonance theory

19.   Personality theories


HSB Certified Course

17 Sessions Cost £895.00 Offer Price £447.50 Save 50% 

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