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Psychic Development Training

Psychic/Mediumship Development & Consciousness Coaching 


Consciousness by definition is the awareness and perception of all things that surround you. This is true. But are you missing much of it by not fully understanding what you can see and perceive? Is your perception limited by your mind? 

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

EXAMPLE OF A DEVELOPMENT PLAN (all plans are developed for and individual following a consultation) 

Beginners Psychic & Mediumship Development Plan 


  • Sessions are 1 hour long and usually, 1 session per week between 10 am and 5 pm Monday, Tuesday (late night till 8 pm), Thursday or Friday. 

  • All sessions are via, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger and can be video or audio. 

  • All worksheets and MP3 downloads are provided including the cost. 

  • All sessions are private & confidential 



  1. Introduction to Psychic Development, psychic senses – 6 psychic Clair’s

  2. Meditation and blending with spirit realms, introducing you to Sitting in the power.  

  3. Working with & Meeting your guides in life and in readings. 

  4. Mediumship and Spirit communication - how to blend 

  5. Connecting through photographs

  6. Evidence and messages from spirit.

  7. Psychic Card Readings 

  8. Psychic Development 

  9. Working with Angels 

  10. Psychic and mediumship together. 

When clients study their consciousness, they step into a world that is full of unique, personal perceptions and understanding. When we are born, we step out of a non-physical world and into a world full of tangible experiences. Imagine stepping out of spirit into a world where you can physically feel and be aware of much that does not exist in the non-physical realms. As babies grow they learn quickly; seeing colour and shape, hearing sound, smell, touch, etc. During our formative years, these senses become the ‘norm’ and we rely on them to navigate us through life. Most of the time, our parents (and society) unwittingly teach us to ignore our extrasensory perceptions and use our connection to the external world as our compass. 


Consciousness coaching teaches you how to unlearn the physical, one-dimensional way of perception and move into a world of knowledge, wisdom and unlimited power. By learning how to listen to and feel your ‘otherworldly’ senses you can gain clarity on all life events, situations and surroundings. This level of understanding is sometimes called ‘psychic awareness’ or ‘mediumship’. What if these phrases were also ‘limiting’?  You can move beyond these too. 


Like the circle, consciousness has no beginning and no end. God has no beginning and no end. To expand your awareness to a higher and wider space is to acknowledge God.  


I will teach you how to expand, dig deep and embrace unknown depths of you. I will teach you to trust and help you on your journey to understand your truths; push boundaries and discover your limitless potential. 


This awareness will help: 


  • Psychics & Mediums

  • Healers & Therapists

  • Medical Professionals 

  • Animal Communicators & Animal Healers 

  • Teachers & Coaches

  • Trainers


Training is done via Skype Video, Facebook Messenger or Zoom at a time to suit you or in Nantwich, Cheshire and will include: 

  • PDF Worksheets

  • Personal Tuition with Beverley Anne Freeman

  • Audio Files


1 Session £60.00

10 Sessions One to One £595.00 

Groups of 2 - 6 people £795.00 (split the cost between the group)

Instalments £165.00 per month

. Pay your first instalment here:

All plans are personalised to suit you and can be worked around a schedule Monday to Friday 10 to 5 pm, Late night on Tuesday or to suit your international time zone. 

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